Hi, I'm Hayley.

Developer and

UX Researcher

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User Experience

Whether it's starting from nothing or improving an existing interface, I can help you to ensure your software is both beautiful and usable.

Website Design and Development

I can help you to update an existing website or create a new one from scratch to help improve the online presence of your business.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

If you've collected a lot of data I can help you to understand what it means and how to use it.

Hi, I'm Hayley. I am a freelance Software Developer and User Experience Researcher available to help you find the digital solution your business is searching for. Not only do I have years of experience in Software Design and Development, but I also have had plenty of experience in teaching programming to a range of different audiences. The IT industry is full of buzzwords and mysteries that have led us to the position where the average person has no idea what we do, nevermind how to find the right solution to their particular problem. I can help with this.

My years of working in the education sector have been a great opportunity to develop my communication skills. This makes me the perfect freelancer to help you understand what it is that you are looking for, which will allow me to develop a perfectly tailored solution that suits you needs. Whether it is a Website for your small business, a User Experience (UX) review of an existing application, or a Data Visualisation for your next presentation, I can help.

Key Facts

  • 4 years experience in Web Development and Python Programming
  • Comfortable in the following languages and frameworks: Python, Flask, Django, HTML, JavaScript, Three.js, jQuery, CSS, SCSS, Sqlite3…
  • I am a very fast learner, so I can pick up frameworks as I need to
  • I have excellent communication and time management skills
  • I am meticulous at documentation


  • Working as a web developer and Python programmer (alternating between full and part time) for the last 4 years
  • Studied Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Canterbury
  • Completed very successful internships at REANNZ and Google

What this means

  • I am completely comfortable being thrown into the deep end with a project, I can hit the ground running
  • I will consult with you as much as necessary in order to determine exactly what it is that you need and will keep you updated on progress
  • I will hand the completed project and documentation back in a tidy state, allowing a future developer to easily pick up and start working (therefore saving you time and money)

Other relevant skills and activities

  • I have a love for the subject of Human Computer Interaction, I like to create websites that don’t get in the way of what the user is trying to achieve, and instead are intuitive and therefore easy to use
  • I am a people person! I have experience in teaching both teachers and students about computer science and programming, and therefore have a lot of practice in understanding other people’s needs and translating them into solutions

Hire me if you want

  • Your project to be completed to a high standard
  • Your final product to both look good and be easy to use
  • Regular correspondence and progress reports
  • A project to be completed with concise, easy to follow documentation
  • A real person who is here to understand your needs and create something tailored perfectly for you

Projects I've worked on...

Fastvue helps businesses and schools deliver useful Internet usage reports to HR, Teachers and Department Managers. Their software interprets the messy logs from firewalls and turns it into something meaningful.

I worked with Fastvue as a User Experience researcher and conducted a UX study to identify opportunities where improvements could be made to the software interface.

This is a little passion project of mine. I’m very interested in health and nutrition, as well as cooking. Have you noticed how recipe websites always seem to have someone’s life story before the recipe? I was pretty over these less than optimal designs so I decided to make my own instead!

The site runs is written using Flask, a microframework for Python, JavaScript and SCSS.

This is a website I made for a family member of mine who is a mentor for the PH@TT program, a program designed to help people develop healthy habits when it comes to food.

Healthy Living With Steph runs on a Node server for the contact form. Other than that it is simply HTML, JavaScript and CSS compiled from SCSS.

Manawatu Building Recyclers

This is a website I made for a family member of mine who runs Manawatu Building Recyclers. This is a house part recycling business in my home town of Palmerston North, NZ.

This website runs on a Node server (a little overkill but there for future addition of a contact form). Other than that it is simply HTML and CSS compiled from SCSS.

Verto is an extension of the Python Markdown package, which allows authors to include complex HTML elements with simple text tags in their Markdown files. I was one of the main developers and maintainers of this package for several months.

Verto is an open source project so you can take a look at my contributions (and even contribute yourself!) here.

Computer Science Unplugged is a collection of free learning activities that teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. I was part of the team who recently recreated the website. The backend is written in Python using the Django framework. The front end is written in HTML, JavaScript and SCSS. The whole system runs on Docker containers.

CS Unplugged is an open source project so you can take a look at my contributions (and even contribute yourself!) here.

Computer Science Field Guide

The Computer Science Field Guide is an interactive textbook used in schools around the world to teach students about Computer Science concepts. I worked on this project part time for 4 years. Most of my time was spent developing what we called “interactives.” These are little JavaScript applets that aim to teach Computer Science concepts by reinforcing the material in the chapter in a fun and engaging way.

The most recent interactives I worked on were for the Computer Graphics chapter. The Box Translation and Rotation interactives demonstrate the basic principles of moving objects in 3D space. They are written using Three.js, a JavaScript framework for WebGL. The Arrow Manipulation interactives demonstrate how matrices can be used to manipulate shapes in 2D space. The code for these interactives is written in pure Javascript with SVGs for the arrows.

The CS Field Guide is an open source project so you can take a look at my contributions (and even contribute yourself!) here.

In summer 2015/16 I was a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Intern at Google. I was with one other intern on the Bandwidth SRE team. To best describe what an SRE does, think about the last time Google went down, can you even think of a time Google was down? Probably not too many memories spring to mind, and that is because SREs are working around the clock to keep everything up and running, and to fix things when something does go wrong.

As an intern on Bandwidth SRE, myself and my intern partner created an internal tool to be used by other SREs to check the status of the amount of bandwidth their service (e.g. Maps, Drive, YouTube, etc) in Google is using. The tool proved to be extremely useful and was already being used before we even finished the internship!

Interactive Course Planners for Engineering at the University of Canterbury

If you have ever enrolled at University then you will know that it is not an easy task, and in fact once you’ve navigated your way through it you feel like you’ve already some kind of qualification. The University of Canterbury receives thousands of calls every year from prospective engineering students asking for help with their enrolment as it is a surprisingly complicated task given the number of requirements for each course (which is also affected by the type of High School Qualification earned), and the number of specialisations on offer.

I was asked to create a web interface to help make this application process easier for new students and it is now embedded in in the Engineering at UC information page for intermediate year. I’ve been told that this project was a remarkable success and saves university enrolment and student help staff hours of work every year.

This project was written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This was my first internship. I started at REANNZ only a week and a half after my last exam at high school, and it was a great way to spend the summer before starting my first year at University!

I worked on a data visualisation project, which involved creating a 3D representation of the REANNZ network by overlaying network data onto a model of New Zealand. This was done using Three.js, a JavaScript framework for WebGL, as well as some Python scripts for cleaning and sorting the data.

A screenshot of the finished project featured in this article.

The National Computer Science School runs a summer camp program, which I attended as a student in 2014 and 2015, an industry mentor in 2016, and a tutor in 2017 and 2018. NCSS is what made me realise that I wanted a career in Software! It is a 10 day event where students from all over Australia and New Zealand, and tutors from all over the world, come together to learn and experience Computer Science. It's just as nerdy as it sounds and is always an incredible experience!

From during my last year of High School to my second year of University I presented and mentored many Gather Workshops. Although I’m quite biased towards Python, I have been found presenting/mentoring Robotics and JavaScript workshops on several occasions.

This Website

This website takes many shapes and forms, I tend to use it as a place to try out different frameworks and tools. At the moment this website is mostly static, but runs on a Node server for the contact form below. Other than that it is simply HTML, JavaScript and CSS compiled from SCSS.

For a long time this site was built using Flask, a great Python Microframework. Over the years it has used different tools such as Foundation, an SQLite database for a blog, PHP, Three.js, and often some basic JavaScript for doing tricks like randomising the background colour of the page or for little animations.

NCEA Stats

In my final year of high school I decided to learn how to make a native Android app. I designed and created an app that would help students in New Zealand to keep track of their NCEA credits. This was by far the most challenging project I have ever worked on, and was definitely the most rewarding as this was the longest project I had ever worked on at the time (by a long shot!).

Feel free to check out the repository here.

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